1. Search for royalty-free stock files
2. Sign up for a free account
3. Download your files

Idea & vision

We are very excited to introduce our vision in professional media and photography future marketing. This platform will allow the amateur and the fully scaled professional photographers and camera lovers to start marketing their media on one large community. This platform will allow us all to grow and expend our business and finally reach more customers.

How does it work??

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 (and 4, but we are working on it).

1. We will allow each user (after completing a free application) to create an account and receive a free storage online.

2.You will be able to upload your media and set the search terms for your customer to find it. Including a specific sku code for private media or by categories for public media (stock photos).

3. You will set the rate for each item you upload.(We will not force you to sell your media for a few cents).

4. Finally, after the customer downloads the media and complete the payment you will be able withdrew your funds (deducting a small commission and transaction cost).

Who we are...

Growing from the same field we are very familiar with the current business structure needed to sell and make a living as a photographer.

We need to buy equipment and renew it as this digital market changes every week.

We need to build our own websites and pay for S.E.O (search engine optimizing) and marketing.

We need to reach for customers and hope we can create a brand name for ourselves.

We need to do all that and still compete with each other and provide competitive rates.

Oh.. We need to do all that and still pay rent and bills.

For us it was simply a little too much. So we decided to join efforts and setup this platform using our own financing and investors in order to create this amazing idea which allows everyone that have the camera "bug" inside to build a portfolio and market them self for no money down.

You are not mistaking... We are not here for the money.... Our goal is to cover the operational cost, future and past development cost and professional educating. We would like to pass the remaining "fortune" to our colleges, You by charging minimum commission and lowering fees.

Our goal is to create nation wide network of photography classes, business marketing classes & more, with very little or 0$ charge. These classes are dedicated to everyone that have the need to carry a camera every time he steps out of his house.

So... How can you join our network?